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Publishers can now take back control of their ad stack. Spartan ensures you only monetize real people. Improve your site's quality score and attract higher paying campaigns. It's a win-win scenario.

About Us

Ad fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars a year, but what isn't talked about is how much that fraud hurts honest publishers.

  • Invalid Ad Clicks
  • Lower Scores From Fraud Protection Software
  • Lower CPM On Your Inventory

We built Spartan to help publishers regain control over their ad stacks and unlock more value in their content. Not only does our software provide unparalleled insight into your website traffic, it also provides ways for you to optimize your ad stack and understand what ad tech vendors are doing on your site.

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We provide a suite of tools to assist publishers.

Spartan Analyze

Free to use for a single domain. See how much fraud is visiting your site.

Spartan Shield

Our AI powered fraud prevention tool designed for you, the publisher.

Ads.txt Validator

Keep tabs on your ads.txt entries and ensure only the right partners are authorized to act on your behalf.

Data Points Analyzed to ensure your traffic is always authentic for your advertisers.

Hour Protection with a 99.9% uptime, to ensure your site is always on guard.

Milliseconds That is all it takes for us to determine a user's fraud risk.

Minutes Until you can have Spartan up and running on your sites.


The most powerful ad fraud prevention tool available to publishers. Best of all, it's simple to use.

Traffic Pre Scan

Advanced Data Encryption

Simple Install

AI Powered

Fastest Response Times

Adsense Compatible

PreBid.js Compatible

Supports All Ad Formats


Spartan Analyze is free to use, but for the best results, we recommend Shield.


$0 / month

  • Best for research and insights. For fraud prevention use Shield.
  • Domains Protected: 1
  • Email Support

Shield - Basic

$25 / month

  • Suitable for individuals and small businesses
  • Domains Protected: 1
  • Email Support

Shield - Premium

$500 / month

  • Best suited for enterprise businesses with large networks of websites.
  • Domains Protected: Unlimited
  • Email Support

Powerful Partnerships

We combine our proprietary detection with some of the best cyber security organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work for mobile apps?

Currently Spartan is only available to web publishers; however we are working on developing an SDK for use in mobile and CTV apps in the future.

What is the difference between Analyze and Shield?

Analyze is our free scanning product. It will scan your traffic and provide daily reporting on how much fraud appeared. However, it does not block the fraud from accessing ads. Shield provides realtime protection from fraudulent users.

Does your product work for non-US customers?

Yes; our system is geography agnostic, however all support and documentation is only available in English at this time.

How does this compare to ClickCease?

ClickCease is an ad optimization tool used to prevent fraudulent clicks on your ads, and as such is not a publisher-focused software. Spartan tackles fraud where it starts and before the ad auctions begin.

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